Frequently asked questions

1. Are your training courses accredited anywhere?

No, our training is not accredited by any institution. Our training is provided by experts in the compliance field aimed at people that would like to informally add skills relating to compliance services in the financial services industry.

2. Do I get proof that I've done your training?

When you completed any of our courses you receive a certificate of completion with your name, course name, date and an authentication link that proves it is your certificate.

3.Do you guarantee any jobs when we complete your training?

Unfortunately not. Sorry!

4. Who is Horizon Compliance?

Wakiti is a product of Horizon Compliance (Pty) Ltd. Horizon Compliance provides awesome compliance advice, consultancy and outsourced services to its clients.

5. Can you tailor make a course for us?

Of *course* we can! Give us a call and we'll see how we can help you.

6. On what devices will the online training work?

The training requires you to have a smart devices such as a:
Mobile Phone

7. How do I access the online training?

On your smart device you will need a browser like:
Internet Explorer

8. Do I need to access the training from a good internet connection?

Yes, we suggest you have a strong and constant internet connection. We do not offer off-line access to the courses at this stage.

9. How long do I have access to a course or bundle?

12 Months after the first date of purchase. You can rewrite and revisit course content as many times as you want within 12 months, whereafter it expires.

10. Do I have to repurchase a course after it expires?

Yes. One has to repurchase the subscription every year if you want access every year. For FICA specifically, the legislation generally requires you to annually do refresher course training. We also update courses to stay in line with the latest regulatory developments so know that you'll receive added value from repeating courses on an annual basis but that you'll also receive new information in these courses from time to time.